Dental Services

Cosmetic Dental Services in Salem, OR

A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of a face ... even the most subtle change can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel about yourself! Call today for your FREE consultation* and find out which options are best for you. We can create a beautiful smile for you, quickly and comfortably. Call our Salem, OR office today!

Veneers (Porcelain)
Veneers are thin custom-made shells made of porcelain that are bonded to the front side of teeth to lighten and/or change the shape.

Enamel Shaping
Enamel shaping is a process of contouring natural teeth to improve their appearance.

ClearAlign Orthodontics
ClearAlign Orthodontics is an esthetically pleasing alternative to full mouth braces. This method will specifically and gradually shift your teeth into place in about 6 months. Our doctor has successfully helped hundreds of patients with his perfected tooth-straightening methods.

Whitening is a procedure that brightens teeth that are discolored, stained or darkened. More info on Zoom Whitening.

Restorative and Family Dentistry
In addition to our cosmetic options, we have years of experience treating all family members with a full spectrum of dentistry, including therapy for gum disease, most root canal and oral surgery procedures, and regular cleanings. We gently and expertly attend to all people from ages 3 to 103.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants are quickly becoming as successful as most dental procedures with the success rate of over 95% and longevity similar to natural teeth.

Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep apnea treatment can be successfully performed through the use of oral appliances, which are primarily constructed and fitted by our dentist, and are helpful in the treatment of both snoring and sleep apnea.

Root Canal
A root canal procedure is designed to stop the spread of infection and restore the healthy part of a tooth. A traumatic injury to a tooth could also necessitate the need for a root canal.